SIT is an artist and illustrator from Amsterdam. Too much awesome work to show, check out his website.

Local Talent #2

My buddy, Tetris Fingers, is an amazingly talented dubstep and music producer from right here in the 801. He'll blow up some day. Here are some of my favorites:

COYOTE by Tetris Fingers

BATS by Tetris Fingers

COPS AND ROBBERS by Tetris Fingers

Kamikaze by Tetris Fingers

Chinese Grass by Tetris Fingers

Like Minded Studio

Stumbled upon these guys the other day. Like Minded Studio with some great graphic design and typographic work.

Jon Han

Jon Han with some innovative and interesting illustrations. His website has a nice design as well.

[via grain edit]

Xiuyuan Zhang

Raised in China and now living in Vancouver, BC, Xiuyuan Zhang is a crazy awesome illustrator.

[via Koi Koi Koi]


An awesome looping animation by Max Hattler that's won a bunch of awards and is truly stunning. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

"... the film is based on the idea that there is an underlying unchanging synchronisation at the centre of everything; a sync that was decided at the very beginning of time. Everything follows from it, everything is ruled by it: all time, all physics, all life. And all animation." -Max Hattler

[via The Tripatorium]

Adam Hill

Adam Hill, aka Velcro Suit, is an awesome graphic designer and illustrator.

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Com Truise with an awesome video for his song "Brokendate" with the help of 10lb Pictures.

[via ISO50]

Anna Ådén 2

Anna Ådén has been a guest on Chrononautical before, but I peeked at her blog this past week and it begged me to update.