I Love SSX

So I recently won a contest where I get to fly up to Vancouver for a few days and consumer test and give feedback on the new SSX game.

In light of this recent development, I wanted to make a post about the amazing music in this game. The first three games have a more electronic, fun, funky feel to it, and the fourth game has a more hip-hop, indie, and rock feel to it. I split it up as such and threw my favorite songs in there.

"System Overload (Download is Complete Mix)" by DJ Huda Hudia

"Gin & Sin (Extended)" by John Morgan

"Bass Invaders" by John Morgan

"Dreamers of the Dream" by SSX Franchise

"King of the Beats" by Aphrodite

"Suprize Package (Remix)" by Mix Master Mike

"Screw Up (Vocal Mix)" by Overseer

"Poor Leno" by Röyksopp

"Song for Dot" by Space Raiders

"Rock Star (Jason Nevins Remix)" by N*E*R*D

"All Night" by Swollen Members

"Slayboarder ft. Rahzel" by Mix Master Mike

SSX On Tour is an entirely different game, most fans would argue. Despite it's negative reviews and overall change from the look and feel of previous SSX games, it brought a whole new catalog of awesome music.

"Indian Thick Jawns ft. P.E.A.C.E." by Diplo

"Come Back" by Sweatshop Union

"Shot Down" by Nine Black Alps

"Flutter" by Bonobo

"International ft. Beenie Man" by Chali 2na

"Antisocial" by Vatican DC

"Daft Punk is Playing at My House" by LCD Soundsystem

"Medication" by Queens of the Stone Age

"Gadget Funk" by The Herbaliser

"Romantic Rights" by Death From Above 1979

"Banquet" by Bloc Party

"Sittin' Sidewayz" by Paul Wall

Enjoy it.


A great short documentary about illustration. Follows a couple different illustration schools on the continent, namely Sheridan College, which looks like it may have some fantastic up-and-comers.

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Amangiri, or 'peaceful mountain,' is a luxury hotel resort near the four corners (Utah, Colorado, Arizona, & New Mexico). I thought I'd rep some local kind of stuff. Apparently it was designed to be a modern take on ancient Native American ruins and housing. It's pretty amazing.

They also had steelblue make a short film about the resort, which is beautifully done.

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Music Four

In light of recent weather, I bring you this.

Track List:

"I Go To The Barn Because I Like The" by Band of Horses

"Chicago (Acoustic)" by Sufjan Stevens

"Falling Over Everything" by The Six Parts Seven

"See You Soon" by Coldplay

"Faithful Night, Listening" by Great Lake Swimmers

"Breakfast in Bed ft. Conor Oberst" by Dntel

"Delicate" by Damien Rice

"Wishful Thinking" by The Album Leaf

"Slow Company" by The American Analog Set

"Rest of My Life" by Rilo Kiley

"Those to Come" by The Shins

"Bluebird" by Devendra Banhart

"Ice Storming" by Aloha

"Naked As We Came" by Iron & Wine


My buddy Peter really wants me to get this game. This trailer makes it looks pretty sick.

Summer Roadtrip

In about a week and a half, me and a few of my buddies are going on an awesome road trip. I thought I'd share.

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SLC, Crescent City/Jedediah Smith State Park, Honeyman State Park, Eugene, Portland, Sasquatch, SLC. It will be fantastic.

Anna Ådén

It's been rainy here for the past few days, which makes me think of Anna Ådén's photography. She's based in Umeå, Sweden, and her photographs are absolutely beautiful.

Leif Podhajsky

Leif Podhajsky, an artist who creates surreal and trippy images. I don't know how to categorize this, so I put it under graphic design.

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Scotty Reifsnyder

Scotty Reifsnyder from Pennsylvania with some great illustration.

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Violeta Hernández

Violeta Hernández, an illustrator and graphic designer from Mexico.

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Spanish design firm VELLUT.

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