Wildlife Analysis

Some amazing photographs by Bryan Graf, who uses a very unique technique of developing his film, which results in surreal and dreamy photos for his series 'Wildlife Analysis.'

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Quantum Leap

Thomas de Rijk with this stunning music video for Slugabed's "Quantum Leap." Space, triangles, and cats. Can't get much better than that.

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Space is the Place

From their website: Inspired by the Sun Ra film baring the same name, we set off asking an international group of fine and applied artists to submit work channeling a contemporary interest in outer space and the creative exploration of all things far out.

Beautiful words. Even more beautiful works.

I'm buying this zine today.

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True Loves

Cyriak's version of Hooray For Earth's "True Loves" music video. So cool.

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From Me To You

Jamie Beck, a brilliant photographer, is creating these images that are now being called cinemagraphs. These are essentially animated gifs of a photograph. They capture a very small window in time, and show the beauty that each of those windows can hold. She updates her blog, From Me To You all the time with these amazing little cinemagraphs.

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The Node

Check out this beautifully serene and surreal animation by UNDREAM. Looking forward to checking out more of their stuff.

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Been seeing more of these guys around the web lately. I came across them a while ago, I don't remember how. They're mostly known for their awesome work in typography, but they do illustration, branding, identity, and more, which is equally impressive. I could post so much crap by these guys, but I feel like you should just check out their website and see for yourself.


A little video for the design festival, OFFF, done by Cocoe, a great animation firm with an extensive portfolio.

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Vicente García Morillo

From Spanish designer Vicente García Morillo.

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Music Five

So I thought it would be interesting to do a 'Top 25 Most Played' playlist. I look at my Top 25 and I think it pretty much sums up my taste in music. I also think there's some good stuff on there that maybe you'll like. But because 8tracks.com are nazi's, it became Top 24 Most Played. Oh well. I'm also including the amount of times it's been played. Which I thought was also interesting. Enjoy.

"Oceanic Lullaby" by J. Boogie's Dubtronic Science 222 plays.

"Atmosphere" by J. Boogie's Dubtronic Science 188 plays.

"Witness (Walworth Road Rockers Dub)" by Roots Manuva 145 plays.

"Till' I Retire (Instrumental)" by Pete Rock 139 plays.

"Hityawitdat" by Lootpack 138 plays.

"Aruarian Dance" by Nujabes / Fat Jon 136 plays.

"The Space Between Two Worlds" by Nujabes / Fat Jon 133 plays.

"La Femme d'Argent" by Air 133 plays.

"Floripa" by Tristeza 130 plays.

"In Between Lines" by The Album Leaf 128 plays.

"Electric Boogie (Vinyl Version)" by Richie Phoe 126 plays.

"Modular Mix" by Air 123 plays.

"Three Days at Sea (Three Lost Years)" by Great Lake Swimmers 122 plays.

"Peaceland" by Nujabes 121 plays.

"You Hid" by Toro Y Moi 120 plays.

"Truth & Rights" by Zero 7 118 plays.

"Sundown" by Daedelus 113 plays.

"Oirectine" by Boards of Canada 109 plays.

"My Angel Rocks Back and Forth" by Four Tet 109 plays.

"Empire Ants ft. Little Dragon" by Gorillaz 109 plays.

"Talamak" by Toro Y Moi 108 plays.

"In The Waiting Line" by Zero 7 108 plays.

"Noctuary" by Bonobo 108 plays.

"A Certain Shade of Green (Acoustic)" by Incubus 104 plays.

Neal Coghlan

Neal Coghlan, a really amazing graphic designer and animator from the UK. Super fresh and fun.

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St. Jakobus

This church in Utrecht, Netherlands, was transformed into a home by Zecc Architects. Super cool.

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