Shameless Self Promotion #1

Well hey, folks. In case you didn't know, I take a crack at this design stuff myself from time to time. Just recently I've been able to get my website up and running. It's got some of my personal art as well as some design for school and for other people. It links to Chrononautical, so I thought I'd link Chrononautical to the site! Here are some links for you to check out:

My website.
My facebook page.

And in case you were curious, here are some images taken from my site:

Hopefully that left you wanting more! Check it out! Like my page on facebook! Let's be friends! Yay!


Genko is a tattoo artist from Japan. He has some amazing pieces that are an obvious throw back to some traditional Japanese styles as well as updated ones. The colors and subject matter make me want one of them. WARNING: Lots of ass cracks to follow:

[via KoiKoiKoi]

Calvin Frederick

Calvin Frederick brings us this amazing video. Believe it or not, no computer animation was used in the making of this video. That means that he did this all with motion capture cameras and apparently a bunch of mirrors. The result is amazing.

[via The Tripatorium]


ONEQ is a brilliant illustrator from Japan. Though the subject matter may be NSFW, there are some very bold, gritty, and detailed images.

[via VectroAve]


PEACHBEACH is a design studio from Germany. They have some really cool illustrations and their design mediums are all over the place, which is a good thing. Check out their site for even more cool stuff.

[via Looks Like Good Design]

Danil Krivoruchko

Danil Krivoruchko is an amazing animator and designer out of Russia. This animation pretty much sums up his awesomness.

[via Looks Like Good Design]

Luis Vicente Hernandez

My god, my eyes are bleeding with envy. This guy's stuff is absolutely amazing. Fresh, vibrant, and attractive are the words that first come to mind. Luis Vicente Hernandez is the guy responsible for this awesome design. Absolutely loving it.

[via Looks Like Good Design]